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News on Romanian language courses for expats:

Romanian for Expats

Romanian language courses for expats include:

  • efficient methods and materials meant to help you reach a conversational level in only 60-120 hours;
  • courses adjusted to your specific requirements;
  • functional language in daily contexts such as: introductions, phone conversations, giving directions, going shopping, work relations, expressing opinions, etc.;
  • elements of Romanian civilisation and mentalities.

Intercultural Business Communication

  • As more expats approach the Romanian business environment wishing to really understand the differences, the cross-cultural awareness is paramount.
  • Mastering another language allows us to transfer to another mindset. Language is never only about words, it is about transferring feelings and accepting a different context. Multicultural success is nearly always, directly connected to multilinguism. It is also known that if you master two languages, you pick up other languages more easily. Having the language also allows you to participate in a culture rather than being a passive observer.
  • It is really this openness to new experiences which is a form of emotional and cultural intelligence.
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