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Business Language Training and Coaching

Lingua Franca Centre is a niche language training centre providing valuable and focused expertise in communicative language training and coaching for business, as well as a full-range of consultancy, translation and interpreting services.

  • Romanian for expats
  • English language courses
  • French language courses
  • German language courses
  • Spanish language courses
  • Italian language courses

Lingua Franca Centre is the right language training partner for professional language courses - in company - using customised business language programmes that meet all your identified language objectives.
Our language training programmes facilitate intercultural global communication and are customised for all of our clients specific needs and purposes.

Global or local languages?
This is the question. It has been proved that mastering a foreign language impreoves your chances of success in the current job market.

Lingua Franca is any common language used in a certain field or territory either locally or globally.

The Lingua Franca concept was born centuries ago from the natural drive for diversity and global integration, which should not put local identity at risk.

Lingua Franca Language Courses:

  • are meant to assist your identified company needs by adjusting and customising our curriculum to your preferred course types (general, business or specialised), objectives, premises and schedule;
  • have practical relevance to business and professional life;
  • use constantly updated training materials.

Language Training Quality Assurance

Making sure you get the most out of our language training

We take quality assurance very seriously and do everything possible to ensure that every Lingua Franca course is delivered to the highest professional standards. Our Methodological Unit is the central department responsible for monitoring the quality of our courses. We have developed a series of guidelines to ensure that every course meets the highest level of proficiency. These include:

  • regular teacher training programmes;
  • course evaluation by all participants;
  • regular client feedback;
  • regular inspections;
  • a continuing programme of resources development

All of these activities help us to ensure the quality of our language courses.

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